Standing Together and Helping Ukraine

Following Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine, at least a million Ukrainians—particularly the elderly, mothers and small children—have been uprooted and sent fleeing. These war refugees, in dire need of basic human services, are being served by a number of trustworthy international and Ukrainian organizations.

If you are interested in helping, check out any of the following organizations and click on their names to open their websites.


An international humanitarian organization, CARE is partnering with People in Need to raise funds to assist 4 million Ukrainians, with a special focus on girls, women and the elderly.

Doctors Without Borders

An organization that works in conflict zones, Doctors without Borders is currently working with Ukrainian volunteers to help refugees travel to healthcare facilities and getting medical attention and medicine to Ukrainians in need.

Global Giving

A U.S. crowd funding platform, Global Giving will use donations to provide humanitarian aid, including shelter, food and water, physical and mental health care and educational assistance for refugees in Ukraine and surrounding countries.

Interational Rescue Committee

The International Rescue Committee assists those facing crisis in 4 countries and is currently helping displaced Ukrainian families in Poland.

Razom for Ukraine

An organization founded in 2014 to build stronger democracy in Ukraine, it is currently raising money to purchase lifesaving supplies.

Voices of Children

A charitable organization based in Ukraine, Voices of Children focuses on psychological support for children and families affected by the current conflict.

Charity Navigator

Remember at Charity Navigator you can always check the ranking of charitable organizations to ensure most of your donation will go to assistance rather than staff salaries. At the above link, Charity Navigator, offers its own list of trustworthy charities that are serving Ukrainians and to which you can contribute.

By Chris Barrett, Publisher

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